About Atlas BarCode

We started Atlas™ Clever Software in 2007 with a vision to create opportunities for clever, creative and passionate people to collaborate so that, together, we use technology to solve business problems and drive innovation.

We receive a large number of customer enquiries for bespoke inventory management. It was obvious that businesses were struggling to find inventory management that delivered true value, benefited their business, and didn’t cost a small fortune to run.

Atlas BarCode is the culmination of 1000s of man hours of inventory management software. It takes the features our customers tells us they love, and packages them up beautifully in a pay-as-you-go, scalable, easy to use platform.


You need bulletproof software you can rely on. Decades of education and experience allows us to build dependable code based on best practices in software architecture.


Our solutions are founded in user-centered design that grows with you. We’re well-known for creating software that is profoundly capable and our clients love to use.

Developing Atlas Barcode for the future

At Atlas we have a dedicated team that continually maintain and improve Atlas Barcode.

We ensure Atlas BarCode stays ahead of our competition by continuously enhancing, refining and evolving the product.  A large part of the roadmap that we use to guide is driven by you, our customer.